Your Excellency, Mr. Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Russia in Sana’a

After greetings ,,,  

We express our deep regret about the constant unjust support of your government for the Syrian regime which is excessive in violating the most basic and fundamental rights of his people, committing more massacres and taking out innocent lives; the latest atrocious incident was AlHula massacre that resulted in the death of 108 people, half of them were children .

we consider that your pro-Syrian regime positions make you partners in its serious crimes and therefore we hold you historically responsible for the ongoing perpetration of these terrible tragedies, and call on you to quickly stop providing political cover for the Assad regime and standing as a stumbling block to international efforts which is trying to remove this nightmares holding strongly on the hearts of our brothers of Syria .

We direct this letter to you on behalf of a wide range of journalists, intellectuals, politicians and human rights activists who are merely motivated to secure good future relations between the Russian people and the peoples of the Arab region who are always looking for a bright future and friendly relations with all peoples of the world .

Therefore, we beg you to end up the international cover and support for the Syrian regime and its criminal practices, because if you don’t, we are afraid that your unethical and inhuman attitude would affect the future social, political, economic and cultural relations between the Russian State and people and the peoples of the region .

Human Rights activists and media representatives – Sana’a

June 1, 2012



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