By Redhwan al-Sharif

The interference reckless policy by Saudi Arabia towards Yemen and considered ironic interventions in internal affairs, the first imposition of trusteeship the initiative and second the Gulf only serves their own interests and his interests of its Arab allies, agenda of Foreign Affairs. What is more, being an active player in the entire Yemeni affairs as if it occupies Yemen. When we went out a revolution we went out to drop the custody of the Yemen, whether Arab Saudi Arabia or Western U.S. and then the overthrow of the ousted Ali Abdullah Saleh, who wreaked havoc in Yemen over the past 33 years with no deterrent, and really thanks to God, we got rid of his regime. But we are still until today suffer from the imposition of trusteeship external Yemen and control the fate of this people, and pressure him and subjected to various methods provocative of brothers in the Gulf and Western countries. We hear scenario frequent presented at 2006 after the presidential election on Yemen’s friends conference and donors, which was then adopted a large sum of Yemen only on paper but did not receive the Yemeni people of that amount only pain full from their Yemen Friends Conference back now again meeting in Riyadh on Wednesday, 23.5.2012 acceleration of Saudi Arabia and provide support and capacity of three billion and $250 million. I’m really wondering is this great support in the course of the hurt you in order to impose its control over Yemen or in order to ignite a war rhe argument in Sa’ada, Abyan, Aden and other Yemeni cities to find a legitimate point of what an agent by the reincarnation of the role of the Gulf to enforce the initiative and support the transition to success. The youth People’s Revolutionary peaceful consider Initiative nightmares to Yemeni people and the revolution that came to get rid of custody in order to raise it before any other demands. Therefore we say frankly to the King Abdullah, we do not accept your gift we sang it, and we have wealth that makes us better than you if you took advantage of optimum utilization, In case if the Joint Political Parities accept that financial gift this is not new of them they have already accepted positions and chairs for selling Yemeni blood of our martyrs cheaply. At last we are confident that billions of dollars, which has been given to Yemen that was given from Saudi Arabia is not for God’s sake, but for their own purpose as there is no country will throw money without getting benefits of that. Only For knowledge we were in days of the martyr President, Ibrahim Al-Hamdi in cushion, dignity and prestige but ousted Saleh, who made the Yemeni laughing stock of the Gulf and Western, Saudi soldiers ill-treated Yemenis in prisons. Also, flagrant violation of human rights and severely beat and abuse in a humiliating and degrading treatment even get shooting and kill them this for the state of Yemen in the Arab countries but in Western countries when receive the Yemeni- humiliation treatment, especially in airports where avoiding travelers Yemeni unity and are detained for long hours for no reason call for that except and say they are Yemenis. All that happened because those who claim that they know how to dance on heads of snakes, who insulted Yemenis, and I can make sure that we will retrieve laurels and pride and we will change the status of Yemen at home and abroad and will improve its image, which has distorted by the worst president, Saleh, that ruled Yemen


About مدونة الصحفي رضوان الشريف

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