Yemeni weddings turn from weddings to funerals

Carrying and owning weapons are a major reason for security instability and conflicts among tribes

By Redhwan Al-Sharif

One of the habits among Yemeni society is shooting fires progressively in almost weddings in general and in villages particularly. 

Firing is a way of showing off among Yemeni tribes which became a tradition in last generations till now even though it is very dangerous. Also, weapons are a means of joy and anger as some people are used to using guns firing to the sky for receiving lovely guests or to their worst enemies. As it could be used as a way of calling people instead of using speakers and microphones.

A wedding was held close to Sana’a about 15 km in BaniAlHarith District, while the groom was walking from his house to his wedding tent to receive his gusts after lunch included different ways of happiness including fireworks, guns firing, songs, and dancing.

Fairs and scary moments among attendance

Guns firings among all people who attended to make the groom happier, however it made all people there scared as a result of unorganized firing which threatened their lives while they escape to avoid bullets while other people who are far away closed their ears of the firing noisy sounds.

Media and malevolent people means

Interviewing groom, MaribHaiash, “I am using firing for expressing my happiness and to advertising my wedding among all people to prove them I made it and I achieve my hard dream. Guns firers are friends and family members and firing is a small favor they do to me in my biggest day.”

On the other hand, Abdullah Mojali from Mahouwit said “Firing decreased now in weddings due to the number of victims in such occasions as a result of unplanned and unorganized shooting as some people and houses were accidently shot. Our tribal Sheikhs and people gathered and decided to forbid using firing anymore in weddings which was supported by doing a financial fine for one firer that costs between 10000-150000 ten thousands to one hundred five hundred thousand Yemeni Rails which can be used in village advantages. He added, using fires for joy is a wrong way as I think fireworks are totally enough which their disadvantages are less than others.”

Bilal Al-Jaradi from Ibb province said, “Sometimes ago, weddings didn’t exist without firing, but that starts hiding for many reasons; fines payments, increasing the number of victims, weapons and bullets prices uprising, and finally moving villagers to main cities which forced them to stop carrying weapons. Al-Jaradi pointed to that our government has a role in solving such a phenomena. For instance, getting some of the groom’s family members in jails and force them to pay small fines if they fired in the weddings which was supported by Shiekhs and leaders in Ibb province which increase an awareness of not firing in weddings.”

Youth opinions on Facebook

Al-Hatbi said, “This phenomena is dangerous due to the damages that follow the individuals and the society as in almost of cases poor people pay their lives for such a bad habit. Then happiness turns to sadness, I am completely against this and I hope security people will help in doing strict punishments on those who pass the line.”

IbnAlYemen said, “Guns firing is widely done in Yemen not only in weddings, but in any festivals and national days, etc.. This is extremely dangerous because it causes death in many weddings as we have all kinds of weapons that risk our lives. Security issues should be solved by getting tough fines as we can be happy without weapons and danger. I really would like us all to work in doing awareness campaigns socially and publically against this as media must play its role actively.”

Emperor Al-Mazahani said, “Firing causes security losing and bloodshed in society. Awareness absence makes firing a prove of being a tough proud man, but a lot of people keep seeing it as an uncivilized way that comes with uneducated people, so their lives still undeveloped as weapons are widely sold day and night publically in front of all which doesn’t happen in any country but Yemen.”

60 Million guns among light, medium and heavy in Yemen

According to media information reports that “Yemen has a number of (60) million guns among light, medium and heavy, that every citizen has a rate of (3) weapon kinds in addition to having heavy weapons with tribes in northern Yemen and currently in southern Yemen with AnsarAlSHara’a.

In Yemen many of weapons public markets in all Yemeni provinces, but Yemeni authorities start three years ago in restricting those markets by closing the most famous markets. In addition, streets police checks and in checkpoints entrances and exits of main cities to collect unauthorized guns as thousands of them were found. In January of 2012, 13154 weapons pieces were took by police in all Yemeni governorates.

Security institutions found 865 weapons inside cities and the rest were found in the entrance and exists of main cities according to Yemen’s Interior Ministry, however, observers assert that the problem lies only in the cities, and more 75% of Yemen’s population live in rural areas as almost of Yemenis are armed.“

Weapons availability in Yemeni markets

One of the most famous industries of available weapons in markets of Yemen comes from Russian industries in the first place and then Chinese, Czech, Spanish, and limited markets from the U.S, and the longer the preserve of the American guns «sons selves» as a kind of pride.

The whole countryside is not subject to the law on carrying weapons

Legislator to amend the law No. 40 of 1992 on the organization of carrying and possession of a weapon, which was approved by the Council of Ministers has been referred to the House of Representatives aims to put more controls to carry and possession of arms and personal to make the Secretariat of the capital and major cities are free from all forms of arms.

It appears from the text of the law that the geographical framework that is selected to regulate the arms and brought under the rule of law is confined to the capitals of provinces and cities, and thus the countryside is all subject to the law of the text of this article, and Article 10 of the Act has identified clearly the point where stated as follows: «prohibited for any person in possession of a firearm carried in the capital Sana’a, and the capitals of provinces and cities to be specified by decision of the Minister without a license from the licensing authority in force.

What we are witnessing a change after the revolution of change of Yemen suggests to us a sense of fear and suspicion, especially as symbols of the former regime, which overthrew their revolution, led by Saleh has greatly assisted in the delivery of camps full Islamic groups, which in turn has published the horror in the community, and now Yemen became like a volcano I expect exploded at any moment.

The reason is due to owning tribes of small arms, heavy in Sa’ada, Arhab,Marib and Al-Jawf, as well as robbing and plundering from those who call themselves supporters of Sharia to the camps as well as for the followers of the southern movement and supporters of Al-Ahmar tribal people.

All that really does not predict well, especially as youth revolution which seek to state a modern civil which in turn would deprive them of all their privileges and I expect that this total rejection of them personally.


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